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Getting Started with Panopto

Panopto is Emerson’s new video hosting platform. You can log-in to Panopto through Canvas, or by going to panopto.emerson.edu.

If you're logging into the iOS or Android Panopto App, the "host address" is: https://emerson.hosted.panopto.com. Use your Emerson username and password to log-in to Panopto.

Before using Panopto, please be sure that you (and your students) have clicked the Panopto button in any current Canvas course menu at least once. This automatically sets-up your permissions.

Panopto uses unique vocabulary. Here are some helpful terms:

Session: A video
Creators: Instructors and TAs
Viewers: Students
Can Create: Can upload videos to a folder
Can View: Can view videos
Share: Give others permission to view a video, to view a folder's contents, or to upload to a folder

NOTE: "Sharing" a video allows others to access it, but does not necessarily send the video to them. After granting permission by sharing, you'll need to embed the video on a Canvas page, make a link to it available, or direct users to the video's Panopto folder. See this guide to sharing and this guide to embedding for details.

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