How to Restore Archived Content in Panopto

Who Can Restore Content from the Archives?

Anyone with 'Viewer' or greater access that content.


How Long is the Process?

A video can be restored in as little as a few minutes and up to 48 hours. Panopto will let you know the ETA when you make your request to restore the content. Once the video has been restored, the retention policy clock is reset.



How to Restore Archived Content Embedded in Canvas or on a Website

If you wish to restore access to archived content in your Canvas page or another online page, please follow the steps in Restore Archived Content from the Viewers


How to Restore Archived Content from within a Folder in Panopto

If you wish to restore access to archived content in your Panopto folder, please follow the steps in Restore Archived Content from within a Folder


How to Restore Archived Content in Panopto from Search 

If you are searching your Panopto site, you can include archived videos in your search and restore them.


Email Notifications

When an archived video is restored, the Creator of that video will receive an email notification. The email will include a link to the restored video and information on who restored the video. Additionally,  the requestor will receive an email notification, letting them know the video has been restored.


How Do I Know If My Videos Have Been Archived

If your videos are embedded in Canvas or on another page a message will appear on the player. It will say, "This video has been archived and must be restored from archive before it is viewed. Restoring the video may take up to 48 hours" and a link to 'Restore from archive' will appear in the player.



To see if any of the videos in your Panopto folders have been archived, go to Panopto, click on your folder and look at the bottom of the page. A notification on the bottom of the page will let you know how many videos have been archived (if any), followed by a link to view the archived videos. 




Emerson's Retention Policy in Panopto

Media files that are uploaded to Panopto but not played will remain stored for seven years before they are permanently deleted. Once a month, we will run an audit and compile a list of streaming content that has not been clicked on for two years or longer. The following day all that content will be archived. Videos and Audio recordings will remain in the archives for five years before they are permanently deleted. They can be restored from the archives during those five years by anyone who originally had access.

This policy is applied to videos uploaded to personal Panopto folders and Canvas course folders. Videos used in courses that are taught exclusively online are not covered by this retention policy, as are videos that are stored in departmental folders, student organization folders, and videos used by


Why Even Have a Retention Policy?

Panopto changed their pricing model. Now, institutions pay for stored hours of content whether they are played or not. When we did a close audit of our content usage, we found that 1/4 of all videos have not been viewed once after they were first uploaded


What If I Want to Keep Videos That I Created Indefinitely? 

You can download your videos from Panopto and save them on a hard drive or in cloud based storage.

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