Submit Audio/Video to a Canvas Assignment

Submitting a media file (audio or video) in Canvas takes two main steps: upload and embed.

You can only submit one type of item at a time to assignments. If you need to submit both a Word document and a media file to the same assignment, you can paste the link to your media (found at the bottom of its Share settings) into the Word document you're submitting, and clearly label it for your instructor. Be sure to change the Share settings on your media so that Anyone at your org who has the link can view it.

When you embed Panopto media in a submission to an assignment using Panopto Embed (The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.), your instructor (and only your instructor) will automatically be able to view it. If you use the Panopto embed button (rather than the link or embed code), there is no need to change Share settings.

  1. Navigate to Assignments in your Canvas course. Click on the title of the assignment to which you are submitting media. Then, click Start Assignment at top-right:

    A Canvas assignment with the Start Assignment button indicated.

  2. Click the Text Entry tab. Click the menu button at top-right (three dots), then click the Panopto Embed button (The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.). If you don't see a Text Entry tab, notify your professor.

    The submission page for a Canvas assignment, with the menu expanded and Panopto embed button indicated.

  3. In the window that opens, select My Folder from the dropdown menu if it isn't already selected:

    The Panopto embedder with My Folder indicated.

  4. Click the Upload tab. Drag-and-drop your media file into the designated area, or click "Choose video or audio files" to browse your computer. The media will upload. 

    • If you already uploaded your media to My Folder, find and select it under the Choose tab.

    • If you have yet to record your media, you can also do so here. Click the Record tab to open or download the free Panopto recorder app (see guides for recording on Windows or Mac).

    The Panopto embedder with the Upload tab selected.

  5. When the upload progress bar says Processing, click Insert at the bottom right. Your media will appear inside the text-entry box. It will take a few minutes or more to become playable, depending on its size, but you don't need to wait for it.

  6. When you're ready to submit, click Submit Assignment under the text-entry box to save. You're done!

NOTE: If your video or audio file fails to upload, try compressing your file for streaming.

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