Share Videos and Folders in Panopto

Here’s how to share individual videos or entire folders.

Note: Sharing usually isn't necessary when working with videos in Canvas, since embedding a Panopto video in Canvas using the Panopto-embed button (panopto button: The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.) above any text editor makes it visible to everyone in that course. This guide is targeted toward Panopto usage outside of Canvas.

Share a video

Share a folder

View what's shared with you

To share a video:

Access Panopto via Canvas or at Log-in with your Emerson account.

Navigate to the folder that contains your video. Hover your mouse over your video and click Share.

Hover over a video to reveal the share button.


Sharing options in a video's sharing settings.


Use the default setting “Specific people,” or click this setting to change it. Your options are:

Specific people: Only people you invite to the video can view it (use the "Invite" box at the bottom of the Sharing Settings window).

NOTE: You can use the "Specific People" setting to add specific students or your entire class to a video or folder. To do so, select "Specific People" and start typing the name of your student or course (i.e. Spring 2018 - American Film Comedy VM-412-02::Viewers) into the invitation text box. It will auto-populate. Choose the option ending in "Viewers" (AKA students).

This feature is useful if you wish to share your Panopto videos outside of Canvas. For example, if you don't use Canvas, you may wish to send your students directly to a Panopto folder to view videos instead of asking them to view videos embedded in Canvas. Or, you may wish to add links to Panopto videos in a PowerPoint that students can later review. Remember that if you're using the same videos in future classes, you'll have to add each new class to the videos or folder at the start of the semester.

If you're sharing videos with specific students, we recommend uploading those videos to My Folder—that way, they remain private until you share them with students of your choice.

If your class doesn’t show up, try clicking the Panopto button on your lefthand course menu at least once, then return to the sharing settings and try again.

Anyone at your organization with the link: The video isn't listed, but anyone with an Emerson account can view it via its shareable link.

Anyone at your organization: The video is listed in Panopto so that anyone at Emerson can view it.

Anyone with the link: The video isn't listed, but anyone can view it via its shareable link (like an unlisted YouTube video).

Public on the web: The video is listed in Panopto and anyone can view it.


When you're done, click Save.

You can also find your video's shareable link and embed code at the top of the Sharing Settings window.

If you've set your video to be viewable by "anyone with the link," this is that shareable link—you can email it to any student(s), and they'll be able to view the video.

You can use the embed code to embed your video in WordPress or a similar content management system. DO NOT use this embed code in Canvas; instead, use the green Panopto-embed button found above every text editor in Canvas. This ensures that students will be able to view the video.

To share a folder:

Navigate to the folder you wish to share and click the Share button at the top right. Then follow the same steps as above (under "To share a video").

You can designate invitees as either those who “Can create" or “Can view." Creators can upload to this folder and view videos in it, while Viewers can only view.

The share folder button is located at top right of the folder; it looks like two figures.


Note: You cannot share My Folder, though you can share folders and videos inside it.


To view videos and folders that are shared with you:

Access Panopto at Log in with your Emerson account.

Click Shared with Me on the lefthand panel. You will see the videos that have been shared with you. Click a video to watch it.

Under Browse > All Folders, you'll see your own folders and those that are shared with you.

See content that has been shared with you in the Shared with Me section.


NOTE: If you're using Panopto in Canvas, navigate to the Everything folder, then search within it to find videos that are shared with you:

See all content available to you in the Everything section.

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