Allow Others to Download My Video

In Panopto, the ability to download others' videos is off by default. If your instructor has asked you to allow your video to be downloaded, follow these steps:

  • Find your video and hover your mouse over it to reveal buttons. Click the Settings button:

A screenshot of the Panopto web portal, with a video's Settings button revealed.

  • Use the drop-down menu to the right of Downloads to select "All users with access":

A screenshot of a video's Settings window's Overview screen on which you can grant download permissions.

That's it! A download button will now appear on your video when your instructor views it.

Sharing Your Video's Link

If you have been asked to share a link to the video with your instructor, stay in the same window and click Share in the lefthand menu. Next to Who has access, click the grey box and select Anyone at your organization with the link. This means that anyone you send the video's link to can sign in with their Emerson account to view it. After making this change, click the Save changes button.

Finally, copy the shareable link at the top of the window and send it to your instructor via email, Canvas Inbox,  or whatever method they prefer:

A screenshot of a video's Settings window's Sharing screen, with the Who has Access box, Save changes button, and shareable link indicated.

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