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Upload Videos to Canvas Using Panopto

1. Go to your Canvas course and click on Panopto. That will create the user group for your course, and also take you to your course folder. OR, you can go to panopto.emerson.edu, which will take you directly to My Folder.



2. Click the title of the folder (if in Canvas, your course’s name) to the right of the grey folder icon. You will be offered a dropdown menu of folders to which you have access. Click “My Folder.” All videos uploaded here are, by default, viewable only by you. You can, however, share them with others.

Next, click on the Create button and select "Upload media”. You will then be prompted to upload a video. All videos uploaded to Panopto have to be compressed for streaming (H.264/MP4).


3. To share your video with your students:

  • Click on the settings of the video you want to share with your students.
  • Click on “Share” tab on the top left.
  • Under “Invite People,” search for the course name preceded by the current term and select [course name]:viewers. Viewers are students.
  • Check off the box “Notify people via email” if you don't want Panopto to send all your students an email.
  • Click on “Save changes” button.


4. Embed the video in Canvas.

  • In your Canvas course, go to text editor of any assignment/discussion/page.
  • Click on “Panopto” icon.
  • Use the dropdown menu to select the folder to which you uploaded your video (in this guide, My Folder). You can either “Choose” video from your folder, or Upload new video, or “Record” video/audio .
  • After “choose/upload/record”, click on “Insert” button on the lower right.
  • Save the Assignment/Discussion/Page along with other settings.

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