Navigate Folders in Panopto

Navigating through Canvas

  1. Go to any one of your current term’s Canvas courses. Click Panopto in the left-hand course menu. You will be taken to the Course Folder in Panopto.

    Click the Panopto button in Canvas.

  2. Click the title of the folder (the course’s name) to the right of the grey folder icon. It will offer you a dropdown menu of folders to which you have access. Click the name of the folder you wish to access. Click the triangle next to a folder to access that folder's subfolder(s). 

    Your Panopto folders within Canvas.

  3. Click Create to upload or record media in this folder.

    The Create button in Panopto.

Navigating through Panopto

  1. Log in to Panopto with your Emerson account. You'll be taken directly to My Folder. Any video uploaded there remains private unless you embed it in Canvas or share its link.
  2. You can use the Browse button in the left-hand menu to navigate through your Panopto folders. Click Browse to expand the folder panel, then click a folder's name to view its contents. Click the triangle next to a folder to access that folder's subfolder(s). Once in a folder, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for videos within that folder.

    The Browse panel in the Panopto Web Portal.

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