Provision a Folder for All Students to View and Upload

Clicking the Panopto button in your left-hand Canvas course menu takes you to the Course Folder, which has the same name as your course. This is a temporary folder meant for use only during the current course (as opposed to My Folder, which is permanent).

By default, the Course Folder allows students to view videos, but only allows the instructor to upload. You can choose to allow students to upload to your Course Folder or to create additional shared folders to which they can upload.

Note: If you wish to create a video assignment or discussion with submissions viewable in Speedgrader, there are different steps. Please see Create an Assignment for Video Submission or Create a Discussion for Video Submission for more information.

Allowing uploads to a Course Folder

  1. Log in to your Canvas course. Click Panopto in the left-hand course menu. It will open to your Course Folder in Panopto. Click Share Folder at the top right, which looks like two figures.

    A Panopto Course Folder with its Share button indicated at top right. 

  2. This will open the Course Folder's sharing settings. "Who can access this folder" will by default be set to "Only specific people and groups." In the "Add people and groups" field, start typing your COURSE NUMBER (i.e., JR-216-01). Suggestions will appear. Click the version that begins with the correct term and ends with Viewers (you may need to hover your mouse over it for a few seconds to see the full name). This "Viewers" group contains all of your course's students. In the dropdown menu to the right of the "Add people and groups" field, select Creator, which allows uploading. Decide whether or not to “Notify people” using the checkbox:

    A Panopto Course Folder's sharing settings.

  3. When you finish adding your Viewers group, click Save. This gives your students ("viewers") permission to upload ("create") in this folder.

Students can click Panopto in the Canvas course menu to be taken directly to this folder. Students can also access this folder using the link provided in the folder's sharing settings, but they must click Panopto in your course as a one-time step before they can do so.

In the shared folder, students can freely view each other's videos and click Create to upload their own.

Creating additional shared folders

  1. To create one or more shared subfolders within your Course Folder: in the Course Folder, click Create, then click New Folder:

    The Create menu in a Panopto Course Folder is expanded, with New Folder indicated.

  2. Follow the prompts to name the new folder and choose a parent folder (the folder containing this folder). If you have not allowed students to upload to your Course Folder, then uncheck the box labeled "Inherit permissions from the parent folder." If you have (using the steps above), leave the "Inherit permissions" box checked. Then click Create Folder.

  3. The new folder's sharing settings will open. If you unchecked the "Inherit permissions" box in the last step, then start at step 2 in the above section to add your students to the new folder as creators.

You can now direct your students to click Panopto in their Canvas course menu and navigate to the folder you just made. Students can also access this folder using the link at the top of the folder's sharing settings, but they must click Panopto in your course as a one-time step before they can do so.

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