Add Panopto Video/Audio Links to Canvas Modules

Adding video/audio links to Canvas modules is different from embedding via Panopto in Canvas. We do not recommend this linking workflow since it requires the extra step of sharing your video or audio file, but in case it's necessary, here's how to do it.


  1. Find your video or audio in Panopto (see our guide to Navigate Folders in Panopto). Hover over it with your mouse and click Share.

    Hover over your video in Panopto to reveal the Share button.

  2. Check that your sharing settings are configured properly to grant access to your class (see our guide to Share Video/Audio and Folders in Panopto). Then, copy the link at the top of the window.

    A video's shareable link is located at the top of its Sharing settings.

  3. Close the sharing window and return to Canvas. Go to Modules in your left-hand course menu. Click the + button to the right of the desired module.

    Add a Canvas module.

  4. Use the Add… dropdown menu to select External URL. Paste the link you copied in step 2 into the URL field. Use Page Name to give the link a name if you wish. Choose whether you’d like the link to open in a new tab, or to appear indented in the module (these are just visual preferences). When you’re done, click Add Item.

    Add an External URL to a module.

  5. This will add the link to your module. Be sure to Publish it by clicking the crosshatch button to the link’s right, which should turn it into a green check.

    Publish your external link in your module.

When students click the link, it’ll open a Canvas page that displays the video or audio (or, if you selected Load in a new tab in Step 4, the page will prompt students to open the video's link in a separate tab).

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