Canvas and Google Collaborations

To integrate Google and Canvas accounts, the most important thing is to make sure you integrate your Emerson google account, NOT your personal Gmail.

Steps to integrate services/accounts:

  • (If necessary) Log out of personal Gmail.
  • In Course Navigation, click the Collaborations link.

  • To Start a new collaboration, click the drop-down menu and choose Google Docs for your new collaboration.

  • Each collaborator will need to authorize Canvas access their Google account to use Google Docs to collaborate. Click 'Authorize Google Drive Access' and log into your Emerson Google drive.

  • Google will ask you: 


A screen grab of Canvas asking for permission to view and manage the files in your google drive. 

  • Go ahead and allow access. 
  • And that's it - you are done! Start collaborating!


To create a collaboration document using Google Docs:

  • Name the document.
  • Create a description.
  • Select collaborators. 
  • Click the Start Collaborating button.


You can view the newly created document in a new browser window.




Another benefit of integrating G Suite for Education with Canvas is that you can now submit assignments via GoogleDocs! You can find out how in this Canvas Guide.

Images borrowed from Canvas Guides.


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