Canvas Integrations

Since student FERPA data is classified as high-risk, requests to integrate third-party applications with Canvas must be reviewed for security and accessibility.

What are Canvas Integrations? 

Many third-party tools integrate with Canvas. These tools can enhance, extend or augment its capabilities. Canvas calls these add-ons External Apps, and vendors may refer to them as LTIs (short for Learning Tool Interoperability, a standard for exchanging information).

Integrations that are already in place and activated system-wide in Canvas include Panopto, Zoom and Ally. ITG has approved a subset of additional integrations that can be turned on at the individual course level by choice. 

Requesting a Canvas Integration 

If there is an integration that you would like to add to Canvas, please email your request to with as much information as possible. Because software can vary widely in its complexity and requirements for integration, please expect a minimum of 2 weeks for us to conduct a review. ITG will test the integration internally and work with relevant departments to determine if it can be added to our Canvas environment. We’ll reach out to discuss the results of our review with you when it is complete. 


  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Cost
  • Ownership of content and how content may be used by the vendor
  • Level of installation (some tools can only be installed system-wide while others can be installed at the course level)
  • Terms of Service/License Agreements (which may be between an institution and the vendor or between individual users and the vendor)
  • Some integrations are free, some are covered by the cost of a textbook, and some will charge the student. 
  • ITG will set up the integration, but any questions about how the integration works should go to the vendor who built it.
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