Create an Assignment in Canvas for Video Submission

The following steps create an assignment that accepts video submissions. These videos can be accessed and graded via Speedgrader. Only the instructor can view videos submitted to assignments. This process works for both video and audio submissions.

Learn how to view and grade video submissions in Speedgrader

Here’s a student guide to submitting a video to Canvas assignments you can share with your class.


How to Create a Video Assignment

  1. Create a new assignment in Canvas.

    In the assignment's settings, for "Submission Type," select Online and check Text Entry; do not check Media Recordings:

    The online submission field in a Canvas assignment. Text Entry is checked, while Media Recordings is crossed out.

  2. Give the assignment any other settings you'd like (such as a due date). Publish it.

  3. Instruct your students to navigate to the assignment and click Submit at top right. They will then click the green Panopto-embed button (The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.) above the text entry box. In the window that appears, they will select "My Folder" from the dropdown menu, upload their video, and click Insert to embed it in the text entry box. Students can use this illustrated guide to submitting video to Canvas assignments for more support.

    Note: All videos uploaded to Panopto have to be compressed for streaming (H.264/MP4).

That's it! After students submit, you can use Speedgrader to view and grade your students' video submissions.


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