Record on an iOS Device with Panopto

Note: When you record student presentations on your iPad, please record in a horizontal mode. Do not flip your iPad's orientation during recording.

1. If the Panopto app isn’t installed on your iOS device, please go to the App Store and download it.

The app store's icon on an iPad display.

The Get button in the app store.


2. When you sign into the Panopto app for the first time, it will prompt you to enter the following address:

Entering the Panopto hosted address.


3. Sign in through EmersonDUO using your Emerson account info.

Choosing Emerson DUO.


4. When you’re ready to record, click “Record & upload” in the left-hand menu, and then choose My Folder (or another folder if you've been instructed by ITG to do so).

Clicking Record and Upload and selecting a folder.


5. Give your video a title and click “Start recording” (or “Choose a video” if you previously recorded the video on your iOS device). Two messages will pop-up asking for permission to use your device's camera and microphone. Click OK. A red dot indicates that Panopto is recording.

Allowing Panopto to access your camera.


6. Once you’re done recording, you can preview the video and choose to “Use Video” or “Retake.”

If you’ve selected “Use Video,” click “Upload” at top right and the video will upload into your personal Panopto folder (accessible to you through any Canvas course or

Titling your new session.


7. Videos uploaded to My Folder are, by default, viewable only by you. After your video finishes uploading and processing, you can embed it in Canvas or share it.

Note: If you previously recorded videos on your device and would like to upload them to Panopto, it might be faster to use a computer. For help, please contact

Note 2: If your device's storage is being quickly filled, you may have High Quality turned on. Go to your iOS device's main settings, find "Panopto," and toggle-off "High quality recording."

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