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Record PowerPoint Slides in Panopto

When using the Panopto Recorder app, you can record PowerPoint slides and include them with your video. Here are the steps.

Please note: these screenshots are from the Mac version of the recorder. The app will look slightly different if you're using the PC version, but the steps are the same.

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to include in your video.
  2. Open the Panopto recorder app. Select the folder you wish to upload to (we recommend "My Folder," since its contents are private until you share or embed them). Be sure your webcam and microphone are selected as the Primary Source, and both Secondary Sources are set to None:

    The Panopto recorder app, with the primary and secondary sources indicated.
  3. Check the box labeled "Record PowerPoint":

    The Panopto recorder app, with the Record PowerPoint checkbox indicated.
  4. Click the Record button to begin recording:

    The Panopto recorder app, with the Start Recording button indicated.
  5. Back in your PowerPoint presentation, switch to Presenter View. Proceed through the presentation as you typically would, narrating as you go. You will be able to see your notes, but only the slides themselves will be recorded.
  6. When you're finished, go back to the recorder and click Stop to stop recording:

    The Panopto recorder app, with the Stop Recording button indicated.

This will create a video that includes a small panel of you speaking (recorded via your webcam), and a larger panel that displays your slides. Panopto will lay out your slides in the order you presented them. Students can click a slide to instantly jump to that portion of your video and hear your narration.


Here is an example of a Panopto video with recorded PowerPoint slides:

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