How to Install and Use the iOS Panopto App


First, download the Panopto App from the App store.  To login enter your Emerson email address and it will show you the Emerson Panopto site. Click on it and you will be able to login through Duo.  

1_enter_your_email_address.png.            2._Panopto_will_identify_your_site.png


That's it! Your Panopto app is installed and it's a pretty neat app. You can use it to watch, upload, and record videos.

One of the coolest features this new app offers is the ability to search for videos by searching for words spoken in the video, or presented on the screen in a video. In the picture below, I searched for the word 'Smile,' and the app showed me a video with the word in the title, AND all the instances the word was uttered or appeared on screen. 



If you'd like to upload or record a video, simply click on the purple + icon on the bottom right corner. 

7._click_on_the_plus_button_to_record_or_upload_a_video.PNG       8._click_record_and_uplaod.PNG



When you see the Upload and Record screen, click inside the box and you'll be prompted to upload a video from your photo album, files or record a brand new video using your camera app. 


.       9._click_on_the_center_of_the_square_and_you_ll_be_able_to.PNG      10._take_a_video__upload_one_from_your_photo_library_or_browse_your_files.PNG


Panopto will ask you to allow it access to your camera and mic. 






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