How to Install and Use the iOS Panopto App

  1. First, download the Panopto App from the App store. To log in enter your Emerson email address and it will show you the Emerson Panopto site. Click on it and you will be able to log in through Duo.  

    The sign in screen in the Panopto iOS app. The screen says 'Sign in to Panopto' and has a field to enter your email address then click the 'Next' button..            The sign in screen in the Panopto iOS app. Once you sign in through DUO, Panopto will say 'Taking you to your site.'

  2. That's it! Your Panopto app is installed and it's a pretty neat app. You can use it to watch, upload, and record videos.
  3. One of the coolest features this new app offers is the ability to search for videos by searching for words spoken in the video or presented on the screen in a video. In the picture below, I searched for the word Smile—the app showed me a video with the word in the title and all the instances the word was uttered or appeared on screen. 

    A screenshot of searching for the word 'smile' in the iOS Panopto app.

  4. If you'd like to upload or record a video, simply click on the purple + icon in the bottom right corner. 

    A screenshot emphasizing the purple circle button with a plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner of the iOS Panopto app. Clicking this button allows users to record or upload media to Panopto.       

  5. When you see the Upload and Record screen, click inside the box and you'll be prompted to upload a video from your photo album, files, or record a brand new one using your camera app. 

    .       A screenshot of the upload screen in the iOS Panopto app. The screen says 'Drag video or audio files here (or click to find on your computer)' and warns the user to 'stay on this screen until uploads are complete'.      If you click on the upload icon, the iOS Panopto app will prompt you with the following options: 'Take Video', 'Photo Library', and 'Browse'.

  6. Panopto will ask you to allow it access to your camera and mic. 

    A screenshot of the message Panopto displays on your iOS device when you attempt to record for the first time upon downloading the app. The message reads, 'Panopto Would Like to Access the Camera' and you're given the option to click 'Don't Allow' or 'OK'.

  7. For more info on recording in the iOS Panopto App, please see the Record on an iOS Device Using Panopto guide.
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