Embed a Panopto Video in Canvas

Follow these steps to embed a Panopto video in a Canvas announcement, page, assignment, or discussion.

When you embed a Panopto video in Canvas using the Panopto-embed button (The Panopto-embed button, which looks like a recycling symbol.) above any text editor, all members of that course can view the video!

This only works if you embed using the button above the text editor; it will NOT work if you use the embed code found in a video's sharing settings.


1. In Canvas, navigate to the announcement, page, assignment, or discussion in which you wish to embed a video. Click Edit. In the text-editor, place your cursor where you wish to embed a video. Then, click the green Panopto button above the text editor:

The Panopto embed button above a Canvas text-editor. It looks like a green recycling symbol.


2. In the window that opens, select My Folder from the folder dropdown menu:

Finding My Folder from the dropdown menu on the Panopto embedder screen.

3. Click the Upload tab. Follow the prompts to upload your video to My Folder. When you see your video listed as "Processing," click the purple Insert button at bottom right.

Note: Your video may take several minutes or more to finish processing and become available for viewing, but you can continue this process while it's processing.

A video has been uploaded and is now processing on the Panopto embedder screen. The Upload tab and Insert button are indicated.

If you have already uploaded your video to Panopto: Click the Choose tab. Select the folder to which you uploaded using the dropdown menu at the top of the window. Select the video you wish to embed, then click the purple Insert button at bottom right:

The Choose tab, radio buttons for selecting a video, and Insert button are indicated on the Panopto embedder screen.


4. Your video will appear where your cursor was positioned inside the text editor. Save the Canvas page when you’re done editing.

Your embedded video will appear where you placed it on the page.

To learn more about uploading videos to Panopto and managing your uploaded videos, please see Upload Videos to Panopto.

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