Digital Post Lab Software and Hardware



Version number

DPL1 (809) VEL (803) PCL (503) DPL suites DFL suites
Adobe Creative Cloud See Below
Android Studio          
Autodesk Maya  
Avid Media Composer
Compressor 4.6.5
Cyber Duck          
DaVinci Resolve Lite 18.5.0    
DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.5.0      
Elgato Video Capture 2.0.7
Final Cut Pro 10.6.8
Final Draft 12.0.8
Garage Band 10.4.8
GoPro Player          
Handbrake 1.6.1
Maxon Cinema 4D 2023.2      
Maxon Cinema 4D Lite      
Motion 5.6.5
Mocha AE  
Mocha Pro*   TS     H, J  
Movie Magic Scheduling          
Quicktime Player 10.5
Sony Raw Viewer
RED Cine-X Pro 55
Toast DVD/BluRay Burning 18       A A
Unity 2022 LTS
2020.3 LTS
Visual Studio Code 1.81.0
VLC Player 3.0.18

* The Post team is working with IT to resolve issues surrounding compatibility, licensing, or versioning



DPL1 (809)

VEL (803) DPL2 (703) 8th floor suites 6th floor suites
Broadcast Monitor (OLED) TS TS   A, B, D, E, G, H, I, & J  
Broadcast Monitor (LCD)       C, F
Large Broadcast Monitor       E & H  
Wacom Cintiq Monitor       J  
Wacom Tablet      
Tangent Wave 2 Panel        
Tangent Element Panel (Adobe)        
Hardware Scopes       C, E, H, & I  
VHS and DV Tape Decks (digitizing) #10        
Avid Shortcuts Keyboard      
Premiere Pro Keyboard        
Epson V750 Pro Scanner #11        
Epson 4990 Photo Scanner #7 & #17        


Plug-ins DPL1 (809) VEL (803) DPL2 (703) 8th floor suites 6th floor suites
Blackmagic RAW      

EasyDCP (Resolve Plugin)       B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, & J  
Mister Horse: Animation Composer
Mocha 3D track importer for AE
Red Giant: Complete Suite
Video Co-Pilot: Saber*
Video Co-Pilot: FX Console*

* Due to compatibility issues, these plug-ins require After Effects to run in Compatibility Mode using Rosetta. In the applications folder, right click on After Effects and select Get Info. Then check off Open Using Rosetta. Now you can open After Effects and use these plug-ins. 

Adobe Software Versions

Creative Cloud Software Version (Creative Cloud 2023/2024)
After Effects  24.1 (2024)
Animate  23.0.2
Audition  23.5
Bridge  13.0.3
Character Animator  23.1
Dimension  3.4.10
Dreamweaver (2021)
Illustrator  27.7.0
Lightroom Classic  12.4
Media Encoder  24.1.1 (2024)
Photoshop  24.7.0
Premiere Pro  24.1 (2024)
Premiere Rush  2.9


For a complete list of software on campus outside of the post production labs, please see IT's software chart: Projected Lab Software 2022-2023

In order to request additional software or plug-ins, please see IT's Software Request Process

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