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General Email
The best email to use for a fast response - sent to all Post Managers


Post Production

Post Production Director: Pierre Huberson
Director Email:
Director Phone: 617-824-8864


Digital Post Production (DPL)

Annex Phone: 617-824-8971

Manager: Kieran McKeon
Manager Email:
Manager Phone: 617-824-8946


Digital Film Lab (DFL)

Annex Phone: 617-824-8848

Manager: Stephen Jackson
Manager Email:
Manager Phone: 617-824-8837


Audio Post Production

Annex Phone: 617-824-8865

Assistant Manager, Post Production: Allan Santos
Phone: 617-824-8866


Emerging Media Lab (EML)

Annex Phone: 617-824-3967

Manager: Eugene Kuznetsov
Manager Phone: 617-824-3967


Photo (Darkroom and PEL)

Annex Phone: 617-824-8767

Manager: Brooke Northrup
Manager Phone: 617-824-8768

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