Post Production Hours of Operation

Spring 2024 Regular Hours


Monday: 9am-9:45pm
Tuesday: 9am-9:45pm
Wednesday: 9am-9:45pm
Thursday: 9am-9:45pm
Friday: 9am-7:45pm
Saturday: 12pm-5:45pm
Sunday: 12pm-5:45pm

All Post Production facilities will be closed for the first two weekends of the semester.


In accordance with Emerson's Academic Calendar, all Post Production Facilities will be closed on the following holidays:
01/15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day
01/20 - 01/21 - First Weekend
01/27 - 01/28 - Second Weekend
02/19 - President’s Day
03/11 - 03/15 - Spring Break*
03/09, 03/10 & 03/16, 03/17 - Spring Break Weekends
04/15 - Patriot's Day

*Post Production Facilities will be open on weekdays from 9:00am-4:45pm.

Spring 2024 Extended Hours


Monday: 9am-11:45pm
Tuesday: 9am-11:45pm
Wednesday: 9am-11:45pm
Thursday: 9am-11:45pm
Friday: 9am-9:45pm
Saturday: 10am-7:45pm
Sunday: 10am-9:45pm

***Post Production will observe regular hours for 12/16, 12/17, and 12/18.***

Summer 2024 Hours

Monday: 9am-4:45pm
Tuesday: 9am-4:45pm
Wednesday: 9am-4:45pm
Thursday: 9am-4:45pm
Friday: 9am-2:45pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

Please note: The Post Facilities undergo upgrades and renovations over the Summer and Winter breaks. Please check with the area manager for specific schedules regarding renovation closures. 

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