MTP Post Production Lost and Found Policy

Lost and Found Policy for the MTP Post Production Facilities

If you have forgotten any items in the Audio area, DFL, DPL, EML or the Darkroom/PEL, please refer to this article to locate your belongings. To prevent lost items, please label all of your belongings


Personal Belongings

If clothing items, school work items (books, notebooks etc.), water bottles, earbuds/headphones are left in the post production facilities, they will be placed in the lost and found bins for each area. Periodically throughout the semester, the lost and found items will be turned into ECPD. Please note the information below from the ECPD website. 

The ECPD will not accept perishable items, water bottles, items that present a sanitation risk (soiled), swimwear, under garments, flip flops, ear plugs, ear buds, broken items or incomplete clothing items (such as a single glove).

For more information on ECPD lost and found, please check out this article on the Emerson College website


Forgotten Student Work 

If students leave any work related items in the post production facilities such as external hard drives, flash-drives, film, prints, etc., they will be held onto until the end of the next semester. For example, if you left something in the darkroom in Fall 2022, it will be kept until the end of Spring 2023. Please feel free to ask student employees or managers to help you to locate where the forgotten student work from the previous semester is kept.  

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