Overnight Render Policy - Digital Post

Overnight Render Requests


Requests for overnight renders must be sent to postproduction@emerson.edu

All requests are subject to post manager approval.


Overnight renders may be requested during the week, Monday through Friday.


Requests must be made one business day in advance. This allows us enough lead time to coordinate with IT and temporarily disable settings which would interrupt your render and wipe the computer’s memory. 


Overnight renders may begin as early as 6:00pm (provided that a suite is available at that time) but must begin before 9:00pm the evening of your request. Please provide a preferred start time within this window when setting up your reservation.


Post staff will lock the door to your suite overnight. You will not have access to the room until 9:00am the next morning.


Your reservation will end at 10:00am the following morning. You must be available to retrieve your hard drive and log out of the computer between 9:00am and 10:00am or you must coordinate someone to do so for you. 

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