Lab and Classroom Software Request Process

Our campus computer labs and classroom computers are prepared with standard software, such as the entire Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. To maintain quality control and consistent functionality across spaces, we follow a set of standard procedures.

For information about software that is available for personal download, see our Software for Personal Devices guide.

Software Funding

Generally, IT purchases campus site licenses and software otherwise used by multiple populations. In turn, academic departments are generally responsible for funding specialty software request (such as those used by a single professor or for use in a single lab).

To fund new software, please discuss with your faculty chair and/or IT leadership.

Software Requests for New Academic Year

Faculty and space managers may request software be installed in labs and classrooms prior to teaching in a space.

Lab Software Request Deadlines

Semester for use Deadline
Fall July 1
Spring December 1
Summer (any session) May 1

Requests can be made by emailing with subject "Lab/Classroom Software Request." Please communicate any specific configuration requirements and provide licensing as applicable.

Mid-Year Software and Hardware Upgrade Requests

Software versions in labs and classrooms will be the newest released prior to the deadlines listed above. As a general practice, unless for security or stability purposes, we do not change software versions mid-year, as such changes require a testing cycle and may also cause inconsistencies for users moving between different labs and to and from personal devices.

Likewise, changing hardware mid-year (swapping out lab computers with a newer model, for instance) is something we do not do as a general practice, as they too require comprehensive testing.

However, we can review your request. Please email and describe your need and we will make an assessment and do our best! If approved, please allow 2 weeks for testing and installation.

Mid-Year Software Additions

If you require new software in a lab or in a classroom, please email We will review and assess feasibility. If approved, once the license is obtained, please allow 2 weeks for testing and installation. Please communicate any specific configuration requirements and provide licensing as applicable.

If the software is required as a perpetual and standard part of the lab, please communicate that. Otherwise, ad-hoc software of this nature will not be installed the following academic year.

Usage Metrics and Removing Software

Each semester, IT will review usage for all applications in all labs and may make recommendations that under-utilized software be removed. This decision will be made in consultation with the appropriate faculty Chair or Dean.

Internal Procedures

Space Managers and IT Endpoint Administrators may consult the internal IT Lab and Classroom Preparation Procedure.

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