What is Insight?

Insight from Faronics is a program that allows professors to monitor computers in certain labs. There are student consoles and a teacher’s console. From the teacher’s console, they can turn off browsers in student consoles, block and permit programs, give polls, and project a student’s work. Insight has replaced the program we used to use, Netsupport.

Insight is usually used during tests, when professors want to restrict students’ access to the internet, or for showing graphics from a student’s device on the projector.

Labs with Insight installed:

  • CML1
  • CML2
  • WPL
  • WARC

Because Insight is pre-installed on computers, professors only need to open the application to access it. In the tool bar at the top of their screen, they will find options to block or permit, to ‘block all,’ to send a poll, etc. They will see the students’ screens (the prof has the option to view one or all of them) below the tool belt.


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