Configuring a Shared Folder for Remote Desktop Connection

These instructions will walk you through setting up a shared folder between your computer and a Remote Desktop version of SAS whether it is on a Windows or macOS computer. This will allow you to open, modify, and save files between the remote application and your local computer.

Before you begin, follow the instructions here to download the .rdp (Remote Desktop) file that will give you access to SAS.


Set up a sharing folder on your Mac

  1. After you've downloaded the .rdp file described in the instructions above, navigate to your Documents folder by selecting Finder > Go (from the Menu Bar) > Documents
  2. Next, make a new folder
  3. Rename the new folder SAS
  4. Once the folder is renamed, open the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application (found in your Applications folder)
  5. Drag the downloaded .rdp file from your "Downloads" folder into the Remote Desktop window
  6. Right-click on the "cpub-stat-Lab_Applications" icon and click "Edit"
  7. Change the "Friendly Name" to "SAS Enterprise Miner" this will help you to identify this remote desktop connection in the future
  8. From this same window, click "Folders"
  9. Make sure the box for "Redirect Folders" is checked, then click the plus (+) icon to add a folder
  10. Navigate back to your Documents folder, highlight the SAS folder you created earlier, then click "Open"
  11. It should look like this when you're done. If the settings match, click "Save"
  12. Back in the Microsoft Remote Desktop application under Saved Desktops, you can double-click your newly created "SAS Enterprise Miner" entry to open the remote app

That's it! You can now open, share, and save documents between your computer and the remote version of SAS.

Move files between the Remote Desktop version of SAS and your Mac

  1. If you've downloaded a .sav file from someplace like Canvas, copy it to the ~/Documents/SAS folder on your Mac.
  2. When in the remote version of SAS, navigate to Recent Files: > Open another file... > and under the "Look in:" drop-down menu, find a folder called SAS *your*computer*name*
  3. You should see your file in this folder. Going forward, since this is the folder shared between your computer and the remote version of SAS, be sure to save files back to this folder so you can access them from your Mac later.

Windows OS Instructions

  1. Start by opening a new Windows Explorer window
  2. Next, browse to your Documents folder (this can typically be found under This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users> Your-user-name > Documents)
  3. Once you're in your Documents folder, right-click and choose New > Folder
  4. Rename the new folder SAS (If you have .sav files that you need to open, copy them into this folder)
  5. Navigate back to your downloaded .rdp (Remote Desktop) file that you downloaded following the other guide, and double-click it to open
  6. Click Show Details to expand the window
  7. Ensure the Drives box is checked (it should be by default, but we recommend checking to be sure). Click Connect
  8. Once you've entered your credentials and SAS launches, under Recent Files: choose Open another file...
  9. Under Look in: click the arrow to open the drop-down menu
  10. Important: This drop-down menu displays folders on both the remote computer you are running SAS from, as well as your personal computer. It's important you choose the correct folder on this menu!
    • Scroll up, and look for a network manila folder icon. It will likely be labeled "C on Your-computer-name"
    • Once you've found the right folder, select it and navigate to Users > Your-user-name > Documents > SAS

You should now be able to see your .sav files. We also recommend saving any files you create later on to this same folder, so they can be easily accessed in the future.

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