View and Grade Video/Audio Submissions

Note: This guide assumes you already created an assignment that accepts text-entry submissions or a discussion. If you haven't, please do so following one of these guides to Create an Assignment for Video/Audio Submission or Create a Discussion for Video/Audio Submission.

Grading video/audio submissions

Access the submissions through SpeedGrader. This works exactly as it would for any Canvas assignment or discussion that accepts online submissions. In your Canvas course, go to either Assignments or Discussions (depending on what you're looking for), and click on the title of the video assignment or discussion.

Submissions to an assignment

Click on SpeedGrader at the top-right of the assignment (SpeedGrader will only appear if there is at least one submission).

Access Speedgrader by clicking the link at the top right of an assignment that has submissions.


Submissions to a discussion

Click the vertical ellipses at the top right of the discussion. If there are replies, SpeedGrader will appear in the dropdown menu—click it:

Use the vertical ellipses button at top right to access Speedgrader from a Discussion with replies.


In SpeedGrader, you can toggle between students by clicking the current student’s name at the top right. Each student’s playable video or audio will appear in the lefthand submission panel, and you can submit comments and a grade in the right-hand panel.

This works the same way for both assignments and discussions.

An image of what a video submission looks like within Speedgrader.

See this guide for more information about using SpeedGrader.

Students can view your feedback as they would any assignment or discussion graded in Canvas—see Viewing Instructors’ Comments and Rubrics in Canvas.

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