Viewing Instructors’ Comments and Rubrics in Canvas

Faculty can use the Canvas SpeedGrader to make inline comments on student papers.

  • To access your assignment's comments, navigate to your course.

  • Click on Grades and then on the graded assignment to see the Submission Details view
  • Alternatively, click on Assignments (if applicable), then go to the newly graded assignment.


Some instructors may hide Assignments from the course menu, so try to access the assignments from the Module tab.

A screenshot of a list of assignments in a course with one assignment emphasized to show that you should click on the assignment in question.

  • Next, click on View Feedback to see the annotations and comments made on your assignment

A screenshot of the Submission Details page with 'View Feedback' emphasized.

    • This will open the Submission Details window.


You can start a one-on-one conversation with your professor via the comments area

A screenshot of the Submission Details window where you can see the assignment submitted along with any comments made by the instructor.

  • You can download a file with the inline comments by clicking the download icon

A screenshot of the Submission Details window with an arrow pointing toward the download button in the top lefthand corner.

Viewing Rubrics

If an assignment has a rubric, a rubric icon will display on the right.

A screenshot showing how to view the graded rubric for an assignment by clicking on the rubric icon in the top righthand corner.

  • To open the rubric results, click the rubric icon

A screenshot of an assignment's graded rubric.

  • You can also view rubric results in your assignment page by clicking View Rubric Evaluation.

A screenshot of an alternate way to find the rubric for a graded assignment by clicking on that assignment then clicking 'View Rubric Evaluation' on the righthand side.

  • If your instructor left comments in the rubric, you can view them under the rubric criteria

A screenshot of an assignment's graded rubric with the comment for a rubric criterion emphasized.

Images borrowed from Canvas Guides

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