Viewing Instructors’ Comments and Rubrics in Canvas

Faculty can use the Canvas SpeedGrader to make inline comments on student papers.

  • To access your assignment's comments, navigate to your course

  • Click on Grades and then on the graded assignment to see the Submission Details view
  • Alternatively, click on Assignments (if applicable), then go to the newly graded assignment. (Note: Some instructors may hide "Assignments" from the course menu, so try to access the assignments from the "Module" tab)

  • Next, click on View Feedback to see the annotations and comments made on your assignment

  • This will open the Submission Details window. Note - you can start a one-on-one conversation with your professor via the comments area

  • You can download a file with the inline comments by clicking the download icon

Viewing Rubrics

If an assignment has a rubric, a rubric icon will display on the right.

  • To open the rubric results, click the rubric icon

  • You can also view rubric results in your assignment page by clicking View Rubric Evaluation

  • If your instructor left comments in the rubric, an Additional Comments icon will appear under points


Images borrowed from Canvas Guides

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