Troubleshooting: DPL2 Teacher Station


The teacher station in DPL2 has the ability to project from the desktop computer, your laptop, or the Blu-ray player. All of these options are controlled via the HDMI switcher (red buttons) in the rack to the right of the teacher station. Simply use the number that corresponds to your input.

  • Input 1: Teacher Station Computer
  • Input 2: Blu Ray Player
  • Input 3: HDMI input (open HDMI port on the rack)
  • Input 4: Visitor HDMI (cable hanging under the desk)

Turn on the projector using the remote. HDMI 1 is always the source . 



To display the desktop of the teacher station, change the Input Selector on the rack to 1.


Display Settings

  • Resolution appearing low?
    • Open System Preferences>Displays.  
    • Your settings should be set "Scaled" then "1920x1080."

Mirror Desktop Settings

  • Open System Preferences>Displays. 
  • To Mirror your Display, select the Arrangement tab and check toggle "Mirror Displays" on or off.


Visitor Laptop

To display your laptop's screen, Connect using the HDMI and auxiliary cable under the TS desk. Change the switcher input on the rack to 4.


Mirror Desktop Settings

  • Open System Preferences>Displays.  
  • Select the Arrangement tab and check toggle "Mirror Displays" on or off.


To play audio from your laptop, use the auxiliary cable and check your laptop's output.



You can play a DVD/BluRay through the computer or through the BluRay player in the rack The remote for the player is located in the 810 Annex.  

Playback through Computer

  • Insert the disk into the silver player/burner attached to Teacher Station via USB
  • Launch DVD Player for a DVD or BluRay4Mac for a BluRay.  Note that sometimes this app can be glitchy.

Playback through Blu Ray Player

  • Retrieve the remote from the 810 annex.
  • Insert the disk into the player in the rack
  • Change the Input Selector on the rack to 2
  • The remote control for the player can be found behind the monitor of the teacher's station.




Check the topmost panel on the rack and make sure all the volume knobs are set to 6


  • Control the volume using your regular Mac keyboard buttons.
  • Audio output should be set to "Headphones" for the classroom speakers. To use the headphone jack on the USB hub, select "USB audio CODEC."


If you can't hear audio in an editing program or when viewing your clips in finder, try playing a YouTube video. If the audio works, that indicates that the problem is with the program or your clips.  

Open the NLE's Audio Preferences and make sure that the output is set to Headphones.

See Troubleshooting Audio guides here for more assistance.  

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