Licensing EasyDCP

The following guide is intended for Post Managers only.

EasyDCP is a software plugin for DaVinci Resolve that IT has us manage. Licenses can only be moved once every six months, so it is important to be careful with these licenses.

Launch Resolve

Navigate to File/easyDCP/Request License and Certificates


Enter the requested information...

Licensee's name: EmersonTRF

Company url:

Enter the password (twice)

Save request to downloads


Open your downloads folder then open the new .html file


This should open a browser. Select "Upload License & Certificate Request."


Sign in to the EasyDCP website. Username is EmersonTRF.


A list of all of our licenses will appear. Locate the correct license. Each one should be labeled with the room number under "Note" (in this example, 808i). If you are using a new license, be sure to add the room/computer number under "edit note." 


Click "License & Certificate" - a new file will download.


Back in Resolve, navigate to File/easyDCP/Import License and Certificates



Browse for your license file in the downloads folder - file extension will be .easyDCP


Enter the password and click "Import"

If nothing happens, that is a good sign. To check whether or not this worked, navigate to File/easyDCP/About easyDCP. It should now say "Licensed"



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