Resetting the PRAM on Mac


If a computer is acting buggy, resetting the PRAM is a great and easy way to iron out unusual issues by giving the computer a quick refresh.


What do I mean by buggy? In this context, I mean that the computer is not behaving as you would expect without any clear explanation. If the problem does not seem to be related to the user’s system settings or software preferences, resetting the PRAM may help. If software is crashing for no reason, if the computer is unusually slow, or if you’re seeing erratic behavior from the mouse/keyboard/volume, these are signs that the computer could benefit from resetting the PRAM. Resetting the PRAM is safe and nondestructive (as long as the user’s current work has been saved or backed up).

Reset the PRAM

  • Restart the computer
  • As soon as you restart, hold down the following keys on the keyboard:
    • [option] [command] [P] [R] 
  • Keep holding until you hear the Apple start-up chime for the second time. This indicates that the PRAM has been reset. 
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