Avid Media Composer Database Files

This guide is intended for Post Managers only - the following workflow requires administrative privileges on Sourcebook.

If students in VM376 or VM476 (Editing or Advanced Editing) are finding that their media is offline even though they are properly connected to Sourcebook, there is a chance that the database files for their particular project have been corrupted. Luckily, there is an easy fix.

Have the student(s) quit Avid Media Composer.

Log into a computer using your administrator/manager login - you will need write access to Sourcebook. Students (and most faculty) only have read access. 

Connect to Sourcebook on Bin.


Open Sourcebook in Finder and locate the project in the Sourcebook Index spreadsheet.


Take note of the folder number listed in the first column. You may need to ask the student what project they are working on. 


Navigate to the Avid Mediafiles/MXF folder on Sourcebook and locate the corresponding folder number.


If you have opened Avid Media Composer, be sure to Quit before the next step.

Inside the corresponding folder, locate the files with the extension ".pmr" and ".mdb" - Delete them both (Important: do not delete any other files).


Launch Avid Media Composer.

As the program launches, it will check all the folders in Sourcebook/Avid Mediafiles and rebuild any missing database files. 

If the database files were the source of the problem - that should fix it!


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