Zoom Screen Sharing

Enabling screen-sharing in your account

  1. Go to zoom.emerson.edu and Sign In
  2. Go to Settings on the left side
  3. Under In Meeting (Basic), look for the Screen-Sharing settings
  4. To turn on Screen-sharing, click the toggle next to it.
  5. Under Who Can Share, select Host Only or All Participants


Enabling screen-sharing in a Zoom meeting

  1. Once your Zoom meeting has started, look for the green arrow at the bottom of the Zoom window to use Screen-Sharing.
  2. To change screen-sharing settings while in the meeting, select the ^ next to Screen-Share.Here you can adjust who can screen-share and who can start sharing while someone else is sharing.



Using screen-share in the meeting

To start screen-sharing in a Zoom meeting, simply click the green icon at the bottom labeled Share Screen


Sharing a PowerPoint presentation

To screen share a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. Go to Share Screen in the Zoom call and select the window showing your PowerPoint presentation window.
  2. In PowerPoint, go to fullscreen. The fullscreen PowerPoint presentation is now viewable in Zoom.

Sharing Computer Sound and Optimizing for Video

  1. If you’re sharing any media with sound, make sure to check the box labeled Share Sound in the screen-share selection window.
  2. If you’re sharing a video, make sure to check the box labeled Optimize for video clip in the screen-share selection window.


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