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Getting to Know the Zoom Interface

Inside the Zoom Meeting Interface


Stop/Start Video

Find on bottom toolbar. Click ^ next to the video icon to show video settings.

Mute/Unmute Microphone

Find on bottom toolbar. Click ^ next to the microphone icon to show mic settings.

Share Screen

Click Share Screen on bottom toolbar

  • Choose to share your; desktop, specific application, whiteboard, camera feed
  • All participants in your meeting can share their screen
  • During screen sharing you and your attendees can use the Annotation tools for drawing, pointing, highlighting, etc.


Selecting Chat opens a window to the right, where you can chat with everyone or specific participants, and control the participants chat permissions.


Select Share Screen, then Whiteboard. Use the toolbar at the top for annotation tools.


Select Record to start recording. As a host, you can record the meeting to either the Zoom cloud or your local machine.

  1. Click on the “Record” icon in the toolbar
  2. Choose to record to the Cloud or Local machine
  3. Recording controls (Pause, Stop) will appear)
  4. Recording will process to an .mp4 file once the meeting ends

Leave/End Meeting

Select End Meeting to leave the meeting. If you are the Host, you have the ability to leave the meeting or end the meeting for all.


Additional Tutorials

Tutorial for Screen Sharing and Annotations:


Tutorial for Recording:


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