Updating Old VPN Settings for Mobile Devices

If you have been connecting your Android or iPhone device to the VPN, you do not use GlobalProtect, our VPN software for MacOS and Windows computers. Instead, you have been using your phone's built-in VPN client using these instructions. As of June 2nd, 2022, we have updated our VPN settings, and to keep using the built-in client for your phone, please follow the instructions below.

Additionally, some users may have been using the built-in VPN client for MacOS. We no longer support this client, and ask that you use GlobalProtect on your Mac from this point forward. If you click the icon in the screenshot below, please follow the instructions to remove this connection from your Mac, and follow the instructions to install GlobalProtect instead.



Update Mobile Devices


To update your iPhone's VPN connection:

1. Touch the Settings gear and choose General.
2. Press VPN & Device Management and press VPN.
3. Press the "i" next to your Emerson VPN connection, and in the top right, press Edit.
4. Under Server, change it to vpn2.emerson.edu (it was formerly vpn.emerson.edu). Press Done when done.



1. Open Settings.
2. Under Wireless & Networks, select More... VPN.
3. Edit the server to be vpn2.emerson.edu (it was formerly vpn.emerson.edu).


Remove Legacy VPN from MacOS

1. Click the Apple in the top left of your Mac and click System Preferences...
2. Click Network.
3. If there is a lock in the bottom left of the dialog, click it and enter your computer's username and password.
4. Find and choose your Emerson VPN connection on the left and click the minus sign at the bottom to delete. Click Apply in the bottom right.
5. Visit our instructions on how to install GlobalProtect to set up the VPN again.

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