Eduroam troubleshooting steps when having difficulty

Please follow these troubleshooting steps if you have any issues connecting:
  • When connecting to eduroam, when you input your username, please enter your entire Emerson email address with It will not connect otherwise.
  • If you are struggling to connect to eduroam and have confirmed that you're using your full email address, please "Forget" the network (Windows / Mac & iOS / Android) and try again.
  • Please "Forget" Emerson Guest. Do not use Emerson Guest to troubleshoot or work around wireless problems. Connecting to Guest will encourage your device to try Guest as an option and may result in you getting dropped from the Wi-Fi.
  • Try an entirely different floor or building. Sometimes, your wireless client might get confused in your current location. Go to an entirely different floor (at least 4 or 5 floors away) or a different building, and if you connect successfully, go back to the original location and try again.
  • Mac and iPhone users who struggle to connect may have an old or wrong password saved (for instance, if you connected to eduroam in the past with credentials from a different institution, or another user of the computer logged into another institution on the device before you used eduroam.)
    • To remove the old eduroam profile from your Mac:
      • Go to Settings
      • Find eduroam in the list
      • Select the  symbol
      • Select Forget This Network
      • Try log in again!
    • If that doesn't work, try: 
      • Go to Finder
      • In the menu bar, hover over Go then select Go To Folder
      • Copy and paste /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration into the search bar that pops up
      • Find the file labelled 
      • Drag that file to the trash
      • Open the trash can
      • Find the file that has just been dragged to trash and right click on it
      • Click delete immediately
      • Try to log into Eduroam using your full Emerson email address and password 
    • To remove the old eduroam profile from your iPhone:
      • Go to Settings
      • Select General
      • Scroll and Select Profile
      • Click on the profile of your old institution
      • Hit Remove Profile
      • Try to log into Eduroam using your full Emerson email address and password!
And please remember:
  • Eduroam is awesome! It's available at other Colleges and even public spaces like some international airports. When your device sees eduroam, it will automatically connect as though you were at Emerson.
  • Eduroam and ECwireless are functionally identical, so you will not experience any performance change as a result of moving from ECwireless to eduroam.
  • Our process for connecting and registering devices such as game consoles and media devices has not changed. Please see our guide for connecting media devices.

Wi-Fi 6E Support: For users in the Piano Row Residence Halls, the Lion's Den, and the Walker Building: We recently installed Wireless 6GHz capability, also know as Wi-Fi 6E! If you have a newer device which has Wi-Fi 6E hardware, you will see our temporarily network called "Emerson6." (For Emerson6, connect with only your bare Emerson username and password, without the .) You're welcome to log in and use it and let us know how it works! Wi-Fi 6E offers speeds two to three times faster than our existing 5GHz, Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 campus networks. We intend to add 6GHz capabilities to eduroam in the coming year; until then, you can choose to connect to Emerson6 where it is available, and also have a connection to eduroam for the rest of campus and beyond.

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