Zoom HIPAA Compliance

Select users in the Robbins Center, Emerson Wellness Center, and Counseling Center may need to be HIPAA compliant when interacting with community members over Zoom. Zoom has attested to their HIPAA compliance. When engaging in such a meeting, we require that users:

Use Waiting Rooms: Users can enable a virtual staging area that prevents people from
joining a meeting until the host is ready. Meeting host(s) can then admit people in the Waiting
Room individually or all at once. This reduces the risk of unauthorized participant(s) from joining
the meeting.

Lock Your Meetings: After all of your participants have joined your meeting, use the Lock
Meeting feature to prevent any other participants from joining the meeting.

Control Chat and Screen Sharing: Under the “Allow Participants to:” section, you can enable
or disable participants’ ability to use the chat function and share their screens.

Remove Participants: If an unauthorized user(s) joined your meeting, you can use the
Remove Participant feature, which will remove the user from the meeting and prevent them from
re-joining the meeting.

Data Minimization: Limit the transmission of personal information to only the minimum necessary.

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