Audio Suites - Why am I Not Getting Sound

With our Audio Suites we have many tools for students to use to get their audio needs done. However, that may be difficult if sound isn't playing from the system. There will be occasions when you are not reviving any audio out of the monitor. Here is a workflow to check if the settings in the system are in the right.


Step One : Checking if Audio is coming out of the System

  • 1. Open up a Browser or Application that uses Sound such as Youtube to play the audio. Make sure that itll play for a few minutes while you work with the settings.
  • 2. Take a look at the Monitor Output Meter on both the Physical Focusrite Red interface, (which is placed in front of the workstation in the dock) to see if the audio levels are showing & coming through to the Focusrite system. Make sure that the volume for the monitors has been put up. (Recommended level is -36 to -24 DB)
    • (IF AUDIO LEVELS ARE NOT SHOWING) - Go onto the systems preferences & go onto the Sound page. On the page, check both Input & Output settings & make sure that they are both set to Focusrite Thunderbolt.



Step Two: Checking for Pro Tools

  • 1. Open Up your Session or a Blank one to have the edit window appear.
  • 2. Go to the Tool Bar on top and click "Setup". On the Drop down menu, select Playback engine. Check the Playback Engine & make sure that is is set to "Focusrite Thunderbolt"
  • 3. Check your I/O and make sure that your "Monitor Path" Output is set for 1-2 (The main speakers playback).





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