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Another Fantastic part of our facility for Audio production is classroom 705 and the Performance room. Students (taking a class within this classroom) will have access to not only our audio production programs (Pro Tools, Ableton, ETA), but also an API Analog Board and a Classic Mini Moog synthesizer. Students will have all the tools at there hands.



Same as the other computers on the 7th floor, you will have access to audio production software like Pro Tools and Ableton. As well as the digitals tools like iZotope RX Audio Editor.


API Recording Console:

You will be controlling your audio production through the Analog console. There are also patch controls that help with the flexibility of your recording process, if you were to use some of the analog equipment and tools that are available for you.


Mini Moog Voyager XL

One of the worlds best Moog Synthesizer is available for you to use for your audio production needs. A monophonic analog production synthesizer with 61 notes with velocity sensitive keyboard.
Included in the system is all of the sound functions and resources from the original Moog's and synthesizers over the years. With the Moog you have so much controls as you have Analog Oscillator, LFO Controls, Touch surface control, filters and ADSR controls, along with patch panel for extended options of sound design and modulation.

The Voyager is a powerful tool to use. Either for getting the right sounds for some music production or to create new sound designs for your film.

705A - Performance Room:

Along with the main classroom with the Analog Board and Moog, there is the Performance room. Here you will be able to set up for your recordings for various purposes. With a Mic and Guitar Amp set up with a direct feed to the system, you will be able to set up multiple Microphones, as well direct line inputs for Guitars with an amp. In this room you will have the ability to use multiple mics and lines various use. Drums, guitars, other instruments as well as ADR and multiple vocals at once.




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