704 - Setting up the ADR Booth

One of the useful tools that we have here for Post Production is our ADR Booth. With Soundproofing panels and controls inside, along with feedback control from the board to the booth, keep communications and vocal direction fluid between performer and engineering. 

Or for people doing assignment by themselves, within the booth, there is a monitor linked up with the main computer that can be controlled with in by plugin Plug in a mouse and control the system from inside the booth, great for single person projects.




In order to effectively use the Isolation Booth in 704 for recording ADR, you will need to send a signal to the headphones in Booth and capture the signal coming from the microphone in the Booth.


Signal from the Booth flows to the API preamp before reaching the system.
The Channel Strip is located on the right hand side on the console desk and looks like this.


Use the API Preamp to send Phantom Power (48V) to the Booth Mic, control Mic Gain, and to control the Output level sent to the Focustrite / Pro Tools. When the lnput light is Blue, Mic Level is selected (select Mic Level when recording with the Booth Mic). When the Input light is Yellow, Line Level is selected (select this if plugging directly into the Preamp with a line level device).

You can also Compress or EQ the incoming Mic signal using the API Preamp. The ‘Comp Bypass’ and ‘EQ Bypass’ buttons will allow you to bypass this function. The Output knob controls the Output level being sent to the Focusrite / Pro Tools. Use good gain staging and ensure that that the Input Gain is adequate.

Note: When Cut is Red, it is On (and the sound will be cut / silent). When the light is off, Cut is off. Cut will be first active when powering the API up.


Open a Pro Tools session and add tracks.Select Input 9 on the track on which you wish to record signal from the Booth Mic. Monitor the signal levels and adjust accordingly, leave plenty of headroom, Recommended peak levels of -12db. When you set the track to ‘Record’ the track you should see signal in Pro Tools.


Monitoring options

For a stereo session, you can use Playback 1-2 to monitor using the in-room stereo speakers. You can control the in-room speaker levels using the S6. You can use the Headphones 1 Output on the Focusrite  which is also linked to Playback 1-2. Headphone 2 is routed to the Booth via Playback 7-8.


You can control the volume level for Headphones 1 from the Focusrite.

In order to use the headphones in the Booth, you will need to create a Send routed to Playback 7-8. Have the level of the fader set to 0dB. Place a Send routed to Playback 7-8. on each track you would like to be able to hear while recording in the Booth.


Also, on the S6, select the ‘Monitoring’ menu and set the Booth (Monitor C levels) to around -20dB


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