Audio Lab - First Time Login Setup


For the New Year, there is a quick setup to be done when logging in for the first time to a system on the 7th floor for Pro Tools and your Audio.

1. Log in to the System . Use your Emerson Account login. If it is your first time Login into that particular system, it may take a bit of time to fully boot. Once logged, you are going to click on Finder & click the Applications tab. Look for the Pro Tools application. Right Click on it and click 'Get Info' on the window that appears.With this window, the General information should be showing. You will see a check box saying "Open using Rosetta". Make sure that it is marked. You can now close the window.


2. Open Pro Tools. The application loading window should appear. Being the first time the application opens for you on a different system, the program will take about 5 minutes to load up as it reads and scans all the tools.

On the Left hand side, under the logo, you should see that it says "Opened Using Rosetta" in white font. (If the Font is in Red, saying 'Apple Silicon Native (BETA)' then the application did not open with Rosseta. Quit and active and reopen.)




3. Now a session window will open up. Close this then go to the Top Bar, click 'Setup', and on the drop down, select 'Playback Engine'.


The window should appear with options for the device. Select the Playback Engine tap: Most likely it is currently set on 'Pro Tools Aggregate I/O'. A drop down menu will appear. Select 'Focusrite Thunderbolt'. This is our main system that we use in the suites and how we get playback.


Once Confirmed, you should now be set for using Pro Tools.

REMINDER: Set Up is once per room. If you set this up in Suite A, then all the information will be saved and won't be done again for that system. If you are logging into that system for the first time, you will have to redo the process.

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