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How do I connect to ECwireless?

Connecting to ECwireless for the first time?

3 Easy Steps

Selecting ECwireless from the Apple Wi-Fi menu

  1. Select ECwireless from your list of available wireless networks
  2. Enter your ECnet username and password to authenticate
  3. Accept and trust the certificate you are presented

You're connected to ECwireless! Detailed instructions are available below if you're having any trouble.

Nice! Right?

Emerson has an expansive wireless network available on campus to all students, faculty, and staff. Connecting is easy and you'll find instructions for the most popular devices and operating systems here to assist you. If you're having any trouble, don't hesitate to stop by the Help Desk with device or laptop and we'll get you set up right away!

Be sure to run all software updates for your computer before you begin. In OS X, click on the Apple icon in the upper left, and choose Software Update. In Windows, you can click on the Start Menu, then All Programs, then choose Windows Update.

NOTE: Windows XP is not allowed to connect to ECwireless. Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and it is considered a security risk to continue running.

If you're having any trouble connecting, take a look at our detailed instructions below.

  Connecting with OS X

 Connecting with Windows

  Connecting with iOS

  Connecting with Android


Emerson Guest Network

Are you or do you have a guest who'd like to join our network? Simply connect to the wireless network "Emerson Guest." Open a web browser and go to any page, and you'll be redirected to our guest registration form. Please provide your name and email address, and you're good to go! Access is only available for 24 hours before having to re-register—if you have a longer stay at Emerson, please contact the Help Desk for a longer term guest account.



Eduroam is a wireless program that allows members from participating schools to easily and securely connect to the wireless on each other's campuses. Whether you're at Emerson or at another eduroam school, simply connect to the eduroam wireless network, log in with your full Emerson email address and password, and enjoy!


Registering a Pesky Wireless Device

Do you have a device that cannot connect to ECwireless or eduroam?

Devices such as Chromecasts, Apple TVs, Kindles, and portable game consoles sometimes do not support the encryption type enforced on ECwireless or eduroam, but you can register them here!


Additional Information

If you have trouble accessing ECwireless in a certain location, please email the time, date, exact location, and configuration information about your computer to: helpdesk@emerson.edu

Emerson College prohibits the use of equipment that interferes with the College's wireless network; this means you may not operate wireless base station hardware (including routers or Airport Express Base Stations) or software or other similar equipment in, on, or near College-owned buildings. Emerson assumes no responsibility to compensate you for any direct or incidental costs related to terminating interfering equipment.

Requests for temporary exceptions to the airspace policy must be addressed in writing to helpdesk@emerson.edu. For more information, please see Emerson College's Electronic Information Policy.

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