Software for Personal Devices

 Software Availability Additional Information
Adobe Creative Cloud Free to all students and full-time staff and faculty Notes on version control below
Microsoft Office Free to all students and on Emerson-owned devices. 
Autodesk Software (Maya, Mudbox, and AutoCAD) Free to all students Notes on version control below
DaVinci Resolve 17 Free to all Not the full Studio version
Unity Free to all students Notes on version control below
SketchUp Pro Discounted for students (see below for instructions)
Vectorworks Free to students Installation/Activation notes below
Final Draft 18-week free trial, also discounted for students See below for instructions
Final Cut Pro X 90-day free trial See below for instructions
Avid Media Composer Free to students See guide.


Software Free to the Emerson Community

The following software is free to the Emerson Community. Below each heading, you will find links detailing the installation process and/or links to the location from which you can download the software.

Adobe Creative Cloud

As a full-time Emerson College student, you have access to download and use the complete Adobe Creative Cloud for FREE on up to two personal devices.

Which version of Creative Cloud software should I download?

  • For compatibility and consistency reasons, Emerson IT recommends you download applications that are a part of version CC 2019 (the newest release available is CC 2020).
  • Certain Adobe Creative Cloud applications are NOT backward compatible with previous versions. If your coursework requires that you share project files with classmates or your professor, please consult your professor to ensure you are running the same version of the software!
  • To install CC 2019 versions of software on your computer, follow the steps outlined here: Install previous versions of your Creative Cloud apps.

Microsoft Office

If you are a full-time Emerson College student, you have access to download the complete Office suite for free.

If you are full-time Faculty or Staff, Microsoft Office is pre-installed on all Emerson-issued computers. If you need to install Microsoft Office on your personal computer, contact the Help Desk.

DaVinci Resolve 17

DaVinci Resolve (not to be confused with Resolve Studio) is free to download/use and is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Note: All Emerson labs currently use DaVinci Resolve 16.

Autodesk Software (Maya, Mudbox, AutoCAD, etc.)

Note: Free for faculty and students who are teaching or learning

  • Eligibility Requirements
  • Choose your desired piece of software from the Autodesk website.
    • Under “New to Autodesk?”, click Create Account if you don’t already have one (your email must be a .edu address).
    • Choose the appropriate options on the following pages, once you’ve created an account, you should have entitlements to take home software.
  • Autodesk Version Information
    • Emerson recommends downloading the 2019 version of Maya, Mudbox, or AutoCAD for home use.
    • If you are not sure which version to use, please consult your professor to get specific version information!
    • To download these previous versions, follow Autodesk's guide to Download previous versions.


Note: Students enrolled in an accredited educational institution of legal age to consent to the collection and processing of their personal information, e.g., age 13 in the US, 16 in the EU. Must join the GitHub Student Developer Pack to be verified.

  • Sign up for the Unity Student plan at Unity for Students.
    • The site will prompt you to create, or log in to your Unity ID and GitHub account.
    • Apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which requires proof of enrollment in an accredited institution.
    • Once you’re verified through GitHub, get started by signing in to the Unity Student plan.
  • After activating, be sure to download Unity Hub.
  • Unity Version Information
    • Emerson recommends downloading 2018.4 LTS—the most recent of which is LTS Release 2018.4.19f1
    • If you are not sure which version to use, please consult your professor to get specific version information!
    • If you can't find the download link in Unity Hub, you can download them from Unity Long Term Support.


Note: Students and professors in select global markets can download a free individual copy of Vectorworks Designer software, which includes all the capabilities of Architect, Landmark, and Spotlight.

Final Cut Pro X

Note: This is for personal computers only! If you are a Journalism student with an assigned Creativity Kit, you should have already received an email with a Final Cut Pro X redemption code. If you didn’t, please reach out at


Discounted Software for Students

The following software is available to Emerson College students at a discounted rate.

SketchUp Studio

SketchUp Studio For Students is available for $55 a year.

Final Draft

  • Final Draft offers a fully-functional 18-week trial. All writing, production, and printing features are enabled. You must use your email address when signing up.
  • If you’ve already signed up for this and exceeded the time limit, Final Draft offers a discounted academic license
  • If you are teaching this software as a part of your course, please reach out to
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