Collecting Anonymous Feedback from Students

We've set up four different feedback surveys via Google Forms for you to distribute to your students. You can access a read-only version of each form using the links below:

  1. READ ONLY: Feedback Form 1
  2. READ ONLY: Feedback Form 2
  3. READ ONLY: Feedback Form 3
  4. READ ONLY: Feedback Form 4

Distributing an anonymized feedback form to students via Google Forms

Below are some step-by-step instructions for how to distribute a feedback form to your students:

    1. Take a look at the read-only versions of each feedback form above. Decide which form you'd like to use for your class(es).
    2. After deciding which form you want to use, access your own copy of that form from the appropriate link below: 

      Feedback Form 1 - Make your own copy
      Feedback Form 2 - Make your own copy
      Feedback Form 3 - Make your own copy
      Feedback Form 4 - Make your own copy

      What to do if you get a 'You need access' message

      If you receive a 'You need access' message when attempting to access 'Make your own copy' links above, you likely need to switch from your personal Google account to your Emerson Google account. To do this, click on your personal email at the bottom of the 'You need access' message:

      A screenshot of the 'You need access' message annotated to show users where to click on their personal email.

      On the next screen, select your Emerson email address to switch to your Emerson Google account:

      A screenshot of the 'Choose an account' screen on Google annotated to show users that they need to select their Emerson account.

      If you don't see your Emerson email address listed here, you can select Use another account and proceed to sign into your Emerson account. Once you're signed into your Emerson account, you will be able to access the links to make your own copy of a form and proceed to the next step in the process (Step 3). 

    3. After selecting one of the links from Step 2, you will see a message that says 'Would you like to make a copy of [Course code] Midterm Course Feedback Form?' Select Make a copy here. Your copy of the form will then open up in edit mode.
    4. Edit the form by doing the following:
        • Click into the title of the file (in the very top left corner) to edit it. Example: 'Fall 2020 CC-100-01 Student Feedback'
          Screenshot showing where one can edit the title of the Google Form file.
        •  Click into the title of the form (in the top center of the page, under where it says 'Questions' and 'Responses') to edit it. Replace '[Course code]' with your course code, e.g. CC-100-01. Feel free to remove the word 'Midterm' from the title of the form if it's not applicable to you, as well as the form number.  
          Screenshot showing where one can edit the title of the Google Form.
    5. Click Send in the top right corner when you're ready to send the form to students.
    6. On the 'Send form' window that appears, click the link symbol then click Copy.Screenshot showing how to retrieve and copy a link to send to students to fill out form.
    7. You now have the link to the form copied. You can paste the link into an email to your students or into your Canvas course, either in an ungraded assignment, announcement, page, or anywhere else you think it should be.
    8. Optional: To turn on email notifications for new form responses, you can do so by switching to the Response tab on your form, then click the three dots at top right and select Get email notifications for new responses
    9. Repeat steps 1-8 for each course you are teaching, meaning that each of your courses should have its own dedicated Google Form.

Viewing responses/response data

There are a few different ways to view responses. To see responses, you will need to click on the form in your Drive at to get to the edit mode. Then, click the Responses tab in the top center of the page. From here, there are four different ways to view your students' responses: Summary view, Question view, Individual view, and spreadsheet view.

Summary view

Click Summary toward the top of the page. Here, you will see each question on the form listed, and underneath each question, you will see all the responses you've gotten for this question so far. 

Question view

Click Question toward the top of the page. Here, you will see one question at a time and all the responses to that question. You can toggle through the questions by selecting a question from the drop-down menu or using the left or right arrows.

Individual view

Click Individual toward the top of the page. Here, you will be able to toggle through students to see how each student responded to all questions on the form. There are no names attached to submitted forms so the only way to toggle through students is to use the arrows towards the top of the page. 

Spreadsheet view

Google Forms allows you to export all responses to a Google Sheet. To do this, from the 'Responses' tab click on the Google Sheets icon toward the top right of the form. In the window that appears, select Create a new spreadsheet and then hit Create. The spreadsheet will open automatically. 

Each row in the spreadsheet corresponds to one student who submitted the form. The first column indicates the date and time that the student submitted the form. After that, each question has its own column under which each students' response to that question is included. 

Need more help?

Don't hesitate to reach out to ITG at or 617-824-8090 with any questions or concerns!

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