Embed a Panopto Video in WordPress

1. Upload your video to Panopto if you haven't already. Navigate to the folder that contains your video. Hover your mouse over your video and click the Share button:



2. Click the grey box under "Who has access" (it says "Specific People" by default). Select "Public on the web." Then click the purple Save Changes button:

A video's sharing settings dropdown, with Public on the web indicated.


3.  Click Embed at the top of the sharing settings window, to the right of Link. Use the form to customize the embed, then click Copy Embed Code:

The Panopto embed code is located at the top of the Sharing settings.


4. Access your WordPress site's dashboard. Find the post or page on which you'd like to embed the video, and click Edit (or add a new post or page). Click the Text tab at the editor's top right, and paste the embed code into the box. You can then switch back to the Visual tab if you'd like to add more content around your video. When you're finished, click Publish (or Update):

A WordPress post's editor with a Panopto embed code pasted in.


Here's what your embedded Panopto video should look like on your WordPress post or page:

An image of the finished Panopto embed in WordPress.



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