Adding Others to Your Word.Emerson Site

Summer 2021 Update

As of July 2021, the "Add Emerson Users" plugin is no longer available. Please reference the instructions below instead.

Adding Non-Emerson users

If someone without an Emerson email address needs access to your site, please submit a request through the ticketing system and ITG will assist you.


Adding Emerson users

By default, WordPress doesn't support usernames containing non-alphanumeric characters such as an underscore or adding users in bulk. In order to add Emerson users to your site, you will need to import them using a CSV file. You can either submit a request with ITG or follow the instructions below to do so. 

  • Download the template CSV file to get started
    • The template includes the required column headers on Row 1; these should not be edited
    • Row 2 in the template contains a sample of what your CSV should look like when you're finished
    • Rows 3-7 contain examples of what roles you can give your users

Fill in the CSV file

  • user_login
    • This is ONLY the part of the part of an Emerson email address BEFORE the ""
  • user_email
    • The full email address, including the ""
  • first_name, last_name, display_name
    • If you're adding students, you can find this info in the People page of your Canvas course site
    • WordPress may not correctly process names with non-alphanumeric characters, so please don't include pronouns in the name fields
  • role
    • The WordPress default roles are:
      • subscriber
      • editor
      • author
      • administrator
      • contributor
      • revisor
    • The most common roles are:
      • subscribers can only view the site without editing or adding any content to the site
      • editors can publish their own work
      • contributors cannot publish and also can't upload media
      • administrators can change theme settings

Import the file

  • In your site, navigate to Dashboard > Users > Import From CSV
  • In the Import users from a CSV file page:
    • CSV file: Select "Choose File" to locate the CSV on your computer
    • DO check the box "Update user when a username or email exists" next to Users update
    • DO NOT check the box next to Notification
  • Click Import
  • If you encounter an error, try again making sure the the Users update box is checked. If you still encounter an error, submit a request for help.
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