Invoices and Appeals


When a user is assessed a fine for loss, damage, or a policy infraction, they will have one calendar week to pay the invoice in full. If the invoice has not been paid within one calendar week, the user's account is placed on hold and equipment borrowing privileges are suspended. Suspensions are honored across the IT Help Desk and all MTP facilities. 

Invoices that have not been paid by the conclusion of the semester may result in the application of a Registrar’s hold. Users on hold with the Registrar are unable to register for classes or request a copy of their transcript. Holds will be released when the user pays the balance owed to the EDC.

NOTE: ECCash is the only accepted payment method for EDC invoices.

Appeals & Payment Plans

Should a user wish to appeal an invoice, they may schedule a meeting with the Manager, EDC Operations to discuss the circumstances that resulted in the invoice being assessed. Appeals will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If a student is unable to pay their invoice in full, a payment plan can be arranged with the Manager, EDC Operations. 

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