Domestic and International Travel

Domestic Travel

Students, faculty, and staff wishing to travel with Emerson College owned equipment are free to do so with advanced notice. Prior to reserving equipment for travel, the user must meet with an EDC Manager to discuss what equipment is desired and proper packing methods. Some equipment is not eligible for airline travel due to its configuration and/or TSA policy. All Lithium batteries must be packed as a carry-on item rather than stored in checked baggage. It is the user’s responsibility to review changes to TSA, International, and local policies regarding travel restrictions. 


International Travel

International travel should be declared to EDC staff at least two weeks in advance. When reserving the equipment, the user must inform EDC staff so that the EDC can provide a customs manifest. This manifest will itemize, serialize, and authorize the equipment being checked out for the specified dates and locations. Both a physical and electronic copy will be provided. Equipment order modifications may not be allowable 48 hours before checkout. International travel is reviewed by the Director of Treasury Services for Emerson College and requires accompanying A2 and/or A3 form(s). Without approval of the Director of Treasury Services, equipment will not be eligible for pickup from the EDC.

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