Equipment Rental Insurance


All EDC equipment is covered by Emerson insurance provided it is used for academic assignments. Productions shooting on public or private property may require a certificate of insurance (COI). To obtain a COI, students must file an A2 (public property) or A3 (private property) with VMA’s Director of Production and Safety. The insurance carries a $2,500 (equipment) and $10,000 (property) deductible for which the student could be liable.

Claims are viewed on a case by case basis. If it’s determined that a student acted maliciously or directly caused damage, then the matter is decided by the Dean of Students. Typically, insurance claims are not made for EDC equipment as the cost of replacement and/or repair is often less than the deductible. 

Outside Rental

Rental from third parties (e.g. Rule, High Output, etc.) will often require a certificate of insurance (COI) and the student must provide approval documents to obtain a COI. Documents required are vendor’s name, address, phone/email, equipment loaned, loan dates, replacement cost of equipment, and the renter’s contact info.  The COI is valid only for a specific day, event or time and there is never blanket coverage. The College equipment insurance policy covers up to a maximum value of $250,000, of which no single piece can be worth more than $90,000.

Bridge Coverage

The College does not have a preferred or recommended vendor to provide supplemental or “bridge” coverage to lessen the deductible. However, in the event of a claim, the College would accept payment from any insurance providers used by a student.

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