Equipment Authorizations

General Use

The EDC offers a limited pool of General Use equipment (including cameras, microphones, and projectors) that is available to all current members of the Emerson community. EDC equipment in the General Use pool should be used exclusively for justifiable academic purposes. Completion of the EDC Terms of Use automatically grants access to the General Use equipment pool. 

Curricular Use

Students currently enrolled in approved production courses may borrow equipment that is allocated to their course for assigned class projects. Completion of the EDC Terms of Use automatically grants access to the appropriate curricular equipment pools. Equipment for curricular use may not be used for productions of any other kind, including but not limited to, co-curricular organizations, paid projects, or other personal work.

Each course with EDC access is allocated a specific list of equipment by that course's department administrator. The allocation list determines which equipment students may use to complete coursework assigned outside of the classroom. Students seeking to deviate from the assigned equipment allocation for a particular course should speak with the faculty member overseeing the course. If the faculty member agrees that additional equipment is necessary, the faculty member may contact the appropriate department administrator (David Reeder - VMA or Jonathan Satriale - Journalism & SOC. Prior authorization for a specific piece of equipment does not ensure its availability in future semesters. 

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