Equipment Deliveries & Additional Faculty Resources

Requesting a Delivery

The EDC facilitates equipment deliveries to all campus spaces in support of in-class demonstrations and media acquisition exercises. Faculty seeking an equipment delivery should submit a Delivery Request Form at least two business days in advance. It may not be possible to accommodate requests received without proper notice. 

Please be prepared to provide the following information when submitting a delivery request:

  • Date(s) (If requesting a recurring delivery of the same equipment, you will be able to specify on the form.)
  • Location
  • Delivery time 
  • Pick up time
  • Requested equipment (items & quantities)
  • Any additional questions or concerns

The EDC can accommodate equipment deliveries within the hours listed below. We are unable to offer delivery support outside of the listed hours.

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:00AM-9:45PM
  • Friday: 8:00AM-7:45PM

Delivery Request Form

Click Here to Access the EDC Delivery Request Form

Having trouble viewing the form? Please ensure that you are signed into Google Drive with your Emerson credentials. Alternatively, reach out to for assistance.

Additional Delivery Information

Delivery Procedures


We ask that all faculty review the contents of their delivery upon its arrival at their classroom space. If there are any issues with the equipment upon arrival (missing, damaged, or incomplete items), please contact the EDC staff at 617-824-8815 and we will provide immediate support. 

Pick Up

Upon conclusion of your equipment use, please ensure that all contents of your order are accounted for and packed away neatly in the correct cases. An EDC staff member will transport the order back to the EDC where each item will be reviewed for completeness and run through a functionality check before being vended again. 

Adjustments & Cancelations

To adjust the contents/scheduling of an upcoming order, or to fully cancel your reservation, do not submit a new request form. Please submit a ticket or email and a staff member will follow up promptly to confirm the changes. 

For urgent, same day changes of any kind, contact the EDC staff at 617-824-8815 and ask to speak with a manager. 


The EDC can provide media (SD/SDXC/CFast cards) and AA batteries upon request for items which require them. Provided media and AA batteries are available for demonstration purposes only and may not be checked out by students. Please ensure that all media and AA batteries are returned to the appropriate cases at the conclusion of the demonstration. Media may not be kept beyond the conclusion of the demonstration. 

The EDC does not provide any other expendables, including the following items:

  • Clothes pins / C47s
  • Party gels (colors other than standard CTO/CTB)
  • CineFoil / BlackWrap
  • Gaffer tape
  • Duvetyne
  • Dry erase markers

Technical Support

EDC staff members are standing by at 617-824-8815 to assist with any and all technical issues that may occur during classroom equipment use. If a piece of equipment arrives damaged or becomes damaged through the course of in-class use, please contact EDC staff immediately and we will resolve the matter promptly. 

Instructional Support

Equipment demonstrations are the responsibility of the course instructor. The EDC does not conduct equipment workshops or provide instruction on equipment operation. For instructional resources, please contact David Reeder (VMA) or Jonathan Satriale (Journalism & SOC).

Course Equipment Allocation

See Equipment Authorizations for further details. 

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