Exporting Resolve Projects


DaVinci Resolve is unlike other programs. It does not create individual project files which you can access through Finder. Instead, it stores your projects in an internal database.


In order to move your project to a different computer or make backups, you have to export your project as a .drp. This guide will show you how to export your project to your hard drive and open it on a different computer.

Exporting A Resolve Project

Navigate to the toolbar and select File>Export Project.



We recommend creating a new folder to store your exports. Click “New Folder” and create one with the name “Resolve Backups.”


Give your export a unique filename so you can easily tell which .drp was created when. A string of numbers telling you the date is the simplest way to stay organized.


Importing A Resolve Project on a Different Computer

There are two ways to properly import a .drp, and they are functionally the same. If you are starting from the Project Manager, right click on the New Project icon and select “Import.”


Navigate to where you stored your .drp, select it, and click “Open.”



Your project icon will appear in the Project Manager and you are free to keep working.


Or, simply start a new untitled project. Then, from anywhere inside the program, navigate to the toolbar and select File>Import Project.


A dialogue box will appear telling you the import has finished. Click “Ok.” You will not see your project populate the workspace automatically, but it’s there. You can access it through the Project Manager by clicking on the house icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.



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